What’s The Future of Logistics?


The logistics industry is evolving time and again, and there are generally some unprecedented transformations. Therefore, 3PLs are gradually embracing the technologies to give the best service to their customers.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the major technologies that would affect the overall future of logistics.

The Internet of Things 

IoT is a technology that allows devices to communicate with each other within a specific internet infrastructure without the intervention of humans. The application of IoT is one of the things that control the future of logistics. It helps to increase the speed of delivery and operations while minimizing waste and overall costs.

Most 3PL companies support the IoT and its impact on the whole industry.

3D Printing

This is generally not a new thing in the industry. Even though it has been around for many years, it was only introduced to the logistics industry most recently. With the 3D technology, manufacturers, individuals, and businesses can print the exact working replica or products and parts using almost any material. The common materials used for 3D printing include plastic, metals, human tissue, and composite materials too.

There are some 3PL companies that are already using 3D printing to deliver services to their clients.

Drone Delivery

Amazon was the first logistics company to announce its intention and plan to deliver products to consumers using drones. This lead to other companies embracing the idea and follow suit. It is believed than in the next 5 years, or even less, drone delivery will be commonly used by companies.

However, there are some opposing forces in the embracement of drone delivery. One of them is the regulatory issues with drones flying. But the rules might be adjusted in the future for the sake of making deliveries easy and saving on the costs of delivering small and urgent products.

Driverless Vehicles 

Another technology that is expected to be experienced in the logistics field is driverless vehicles. Google also announced the possibility of having driverless electric vehicles for delivering products to customers. The self-driving vehicles come with electronic eyes and ears, and they can navigate without the intervention of a human. If embraces by logistics companies, they can cut down the costs of delivery. Will we experience this technology in the future? Time will tell.

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