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How to integrate online sales into your distribution strategy?

  1. Create your online store
  2. Reference your e-commerce site to be more visible online
  3. Evolve your site like your e-commerce strategy
  4. Sell ​​on the market places
  5. Do not forget the m-commerce in your e-commerce strategy


E-Commerce is a term of English origin but widely used throughout the world. It also means e-commerce, e-commerce or e-commerce. By definition, e-commerce is a form of distance selling that refers to a coin exchange of products, services or information through telecommunication networks. The first e-merchant sites appeared in 1995 including Amazon and eBay.

Create your online store

An e-commerce strategy starts, like any strategy, by defining your target and your objectives. Your target is represented by your personas, characters personified in the image of your customers.

Creating an e-commerce site is the only way to create an online sales platform that fits your target. Each brand has its own customers. The creation of a tailor-made online store allows you to develop your site with the features and design that correspond to them.

E-commerce strategy

To start your online sales activity by setting yourself, your prices, your margins, your payment methods, delivery, and promotional operations, nothing like creating your own online store.

The company is itself a major player in the project to create an e-commerce site. The design must also reflect the brand image. In addition, the success of your e-commerce strategy depends on a large number of factors. The market and customers are important external factors. Internally, e-commerce project employees are equally essential to growing your online sales. By involving your teams in the development of a tailor-made e-commerce site, you fully involve them in your e-commerce strategy. You also make sure to choose the e-commerce solution that will suit them best on a daily basis.