When Is It Time For Preschool?

In many occasions, it’s advised to take your child to a preschool at the age 3. However, many schools accept children from 2yrs, but all this depends on your child’s development. Being ready for preschool mainly has a lot to do with how your child has developed. This includes emotionally, socially, physically and if they are ready to participate in structured education program daily without experiencing any major challenge.

Sometimes you may make personal judgment according to your child’s readiness for preschool This might not be the right thing to do since you might be pushed by the physical or emotional demand to make such decisions.

Here are some of the signs to that tell if your child is ready for preschool;

1. Is your child fairly independent?

Independence plays a major role in ensuring your child gets an easy time while in school. Your child should be able to do basic things such as washing his hands, eating, and sleeping without assistance. This act of independence will prove that your child is ready for preschool.

2. Can he stay away from you without any problem?

Many kids find it hard to be separated from their parents. A child who has been taken care of by a nanny or a relative can easily cope up away from home compared to the one under the care of their parent.
If your child sees you a lot, you should try to minimize the interaction early enough to reduce the bond partially. In other cases, some preschools may advise you to be dropping off your child for either an hour or 2 in the early days before he can adjust being away.

3. Can he work on projects on his own?

Projects are part of education progress promoted in preschools. Art and crafts are among the main projects involved in preschools. So if your child can be able to have full concentration when making drawings and also to engage in other different projects on his own, he is, therefore, ready for preschool.

4. Does he have physical stamina for preschool?

This is the major aspect to consider before deciding on taking your child to a preschool. A preschool has a variety of daily field activities that keep your child busy. Your child may run around the yard, explore the playgrounds, and make field trips.

Always ensure that the child gets enough sleep at midday and night for him to be energized for the daily activities.

Considering these aspects will help you make an informed decision on your child’s readiness for preschool. It also helps in promoting your child constant basic development stages.

If you are looking for a reputable San Diego Preschool, consider The Vine Learning Center. They are also a faith-based, which helps to promote your child’s spiritual growth.

The importance of the first website design impressions

The rate at which users make value judgments on web pages exclude cognitive thinking. The test users had an emotional reaction to the home pages that they could not control. This “emotional reaction” pre-cognitive is a physiological response to what they see on the screen – a “gut reaction.” The postponement of first impressions with other attributes is sometimes called “halo effect” or “cognitive confirmation bias”: users search for evidence their first impression and ignore evidence contrary to their first impression. People want to be right, and tend to look for clues that confirm their initial hypothesis.

“… The strong impact of the visual appeal of the site seemed to distract usability problems. This suggests that factors aesthetic or visual appeal are detected first and that these could affect how users consider subsequent experience …. Therefore, even if a site is very user friendly and provides helpful information presented in a logical order, it may fail to impress someone whose first impression of the site was negative. ” – (Lindgaard 2006)

There is clearly an interaction between our emotional reaction to a web page and our conscious thought processes. Users apply both to an overall judgment (emotional) and analytic (cognitive) when they decide to buy a product. “The feeling qu’éprouveront users through a” clean and professional design “can have a effect called halo effect on their future purchasing decisions (Fogg 2003).